Florida DUI Expert Witness

DUI cases involve a tremendous amount of technical and scientific evidence. If you are facing a DUI charge, it may be beneficial to have an expert witness work with your attorney and testify on your behalf. Having an expert witness take the stand to explain why certain pieces of the State’s evidence against you are invalid could make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case. 

Expert Witness Testimony

An expert witness is an individual with extensive knowledge and experience in a specific field who is able to give his or her opinion on the stand. In a DUI case, an expert witness with a background in DUI law enforcement, breathalyzer testing, field sobriety testing or a blood test expert can provide valuable insight to both your attorney and the judge or jury who is hearing your case.

If you took a breath test at the time of your DUI arrest and your blood alcohol content was slightly above the legal limit of 0.08%, your attorney may call in an expert witness to review the facts of your case, including the events leading up to your test. Similarly, if the police report reads that you did not perform well on a field sobriety test, an expert witness who specialized in field sobriety testing could consult with your attorney. If the expert witness finds that the results of your blood test were more than likely inaccurate or that your poor performance on the field sobriety test were due to unfair conditions on the side of the road, your attorney may enlist the expert witness to testify on your behalf. Alternatively, your attorney may be able to take the expert witness’s findings and present them privately to the prosecution in order to negotiate a lesser charge. 

Hiring an Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses do not offer their counsel for free. In fact, hiring an expert witness can be a rather costly addition to your legal fees. However, an expert witness in your DUI case could be a very powerful ally.

Working with a qualified and experienced DUI defense attorney should be your first course of action in defending yourself against your charge. Your attorney will be able to advise if consulting with an expert witness will be beneficial for your case.